Artificial Grass It

There are many ways to install artificial grass or astro turf

With careful consideration to the desired finish required, our installation teams will construct the most suitable base.

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Sand Base

sandbaseThe existing grass area is removed to an approximate depth of 25-30mm. Sharp sand is then imported and consolidated evenly over the area. This is then carefully levelled ready for the artificial grass to be installed. This type of base construction is most suited to areas with minimal use, where aesthetics are the main consideration.

Stone Base

stonebaseThe natural grass is removed to an approximate depth 60-80mm. A type one stone is then imported and consolidated to form a solid, level base. A final level is achieved with a fine layer of either sharp sand or fine stone. This type of base is most suited to areas of high use such as games areas, wheel chair use, play areas, pathways, courtyards and communal areas.

Shock Pads

shockpadsShock pads are a useful addition to any area of fake grass. The use of a shock pad gives a softer, cushioned feel underfoot. In children’s play areas with climbing equipment, the shock pad will enable the correct critical fall height to be achieved. The technical advisers can advise you on a suitable shock pad for your specific needs.


edgeingIn most situations an edging will also be needed. We use either a steel interlinking edging, or a wooden batten edging. In all cases we use only the best materials available. As independent artificial grass installers we are able source the best materials from the market leading manufacturers. This enables us to remain at the forefront of design and development for artificial grass, and ensures our customers of the best quality products at the best prices!

We also install astro turf (artificial grass) onto decking, patios, roof gardens, concrete and any other suitable, solid surfaces.